Welcome to Sweet Pea Playhouse. We as a company have created a warm, safe, creative play space that is welcoming and fun. All the houses are wheelchair accessible and child oriented. Our team members are here to interact with your children, along with you! Please keep in mind that we are not a not a daycare or babysitting facility. That means that you, the guardian, needs to stay on the playhouse side and maintain responsibility of your booked child(ren). We have opened up our workshop space and created a lovely space for eating and drinking anything off our menu. You order your food through our staff on the playhouse side and we bring it over to you.

Sweet Pea Playhouse has 15 spots open for booking for the hour. After the hour is up our staff will help facilitate with that group leaving and the new group coming in. We have allotted 30 minutes in between those hours in order for our staff to clean, disinfect toys ,and put all moving parts back into correct playhouses so that the next group has an organized and clean play space. You can book as many hours in a row at a time. That just means that you get the extra free 30 minutes to keep playing and our staff will work around you.

All bookings are prepaid at $8.95 per child. Babies under 12 months are free if they are booked with a child above 12 months. If something comes up and you do need to cancel or move your booked playtime, we offer equivalent rescheduling credit at any time of notice as well as a full refund with 24 hours of cancellation notice.


The Playhouse may be booked 7 days a week with 6 play times to choose from each day:

9:00 – 10:00   •   10:30 – 11:30   •   12:00 – 1:00   •   1:30 – 2:30   •   3:00 – 4:00   •   4:30 – 5:30