Welcome back to Sweet Pea Playhouse.

We here at Sweet Pea want to assure you that we are taking the utmost caution to follow the AHS guidelines and to keep you and your little ones safe.  What has changed you may ask

  • We are introducing 4 new playtime sessions at 90 minutes each.  They are as follows:  9:00 am – 10:30 am11:30 am – 1 pm2:00 pm – 3:30 pm4:30 pm – 6:00 pm. *private party only

  • We are only allowing a maximum of 20 people in our playhouse and back area at each playtime session.  Each person will be charged a $6.50 dollar admission fee.  Children 6 months and under are free and will not be considered an attendee.

  • We now have a completely separate door for you and your little ones to enter and exit.  We want to keep both sides separate as much as possible.

  • After your play session we are allowing an extra 30 minutes in the designated eating area on the playhouse side for you to finish your meal if you decide to eat in.

  • We will then bring your shoes back to this area and close the doors to the playhouse area so that the sanitizations process can begin in the playhouse.  You will then be asked to exit through the back side door if you have decided to dine in.

  • Our cleaning times are now one hour long.

  • We will be using a food safe and child safe cleaning solution to clean all surfaces and toys.

  • We are still booking private birthday parties and are allowing up to 40 people at these private functions.

  • We will have one staff member present at all times during your play session.  They will be able to take your food and beverage orders and monitor the area.

  • We have a new waiver that we ask that you will agree to when you do your booking on line.

  • Any person or child who appears to be sick will not be allowed entrance.

  • No outside food is allowed.

We as a company have created a warm, safe, creative play space that is welcoming and fun. All the houses are wheelchair accessible and child oriented. Our team members are here to interact with your children, along with you! Please keep in mind that we are not a not a daycare or babysitting facility. That means that you, the guardian, needs to stay on the playhouse side and maintain responsibility of your booked child(ren).

Acceptable Footwear

Sweet Pea Playhouse is cleaned and sanitized several times a day, and to keep the play area surfaces as clean as possible, we require that shoes (yes flip flops also) are removed before entering the play space.

Please be sure to wear; or bring, a pair of socks for yourself and all children and guests who will be accompanying you in the playhouse. If you forget socks, we do have assorted colors available for a small purchase fee of $2 for adults, and children.

Thank you for helping us keep your children’s play area clean and sanitary.


What is the workshop area?

The Workshop is a space that is available for rent after-hours for private events, but during playhouse hours has been made to be your space to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and beverages. You will be able to view the entire playhouses from this space.

Can I bring my food or coffee into the playhouse space?

No. All food and beverages MUST remain in the designated workshop area. We want to keep all children safe from any hot beverage spills, or slip and falls from food or juice, and hygiene reasons.

Can I bring in my own food?

We have a no outside food policy. Of course, baby bottles are allowed. We have a peanut-free zone, but do have other nuts on the premises. Please advise our staff if your child has an allergy if you are ordering food. We take that very seriously.

Why are you a plant-based café?

There are 5 owners, we are all plant-based. We have created a delicious menu both sweet and savoury that we know you will enjoy.

Can we bring in our own birthday cake if we book the entire
space for our child’s party?

Yes, we decided as a team that birthday cakes center around many traditions and special family recipes. Although all of the catered food will be plant-based, we as a company believe in honouring traditions for that very special day. We are happy for you to bring in your child’s favourite cake. For our lovely, delicious vegan and gluten-free vegan cakes, we would need 72 hours notice to create that for you.

Why do I have to book online?

We know how difficult it is to get your children out the door, and in the car. We want to ensure that you have a space in the playhouse side. We don’t take reservations in the café so you are welcome to hang out there if you did happen to come by without prior booking and wait for a time slot to open up. We just don’t want to turn anyone away!

Can I bring in my stroller?

Our play space is small and the floors are a sock zone only. No outdoor shoes allowed. We just don’t have the space for running children and strollers. We do have ample space in front of the building and on the side for stroller parking. Car seats are welcome!

How do I go about booking a private party for my child?

The best way is to email. Leave your information, date of party, and questions and a manager will get back to you within maximum 2 business days to discuss details. We will email you out our catering menu and our party packages.